Alluvian is an online environmental journal published twice a year-- winter/spring and summer/fall. We are a group of thinkers, science students, and writers examining the human condition in relation to the natural world. We accept creative narratives (nonfiction/fiction/poetry), discussions, science features, literary environmental journalism, artwork and cartoons, short video clips, and narrative analysis of data intended to provoke thought on environmental science, global sustainability, and human engagement with nature, the environment, and climate change.  We also accept submissions for our seasonal "clusters."

Requirements effective 9/1/17

Prose word count: 350-1200

Poetry: maximum 3 poems

Typeface: 12 pt, Times New Roman

Text files: .docx, .doc, or .txt files.

Art submissions: .jpg, .gif, png

Sound files: submit artist statement and add link to share the file.

Video clips: query. 

Alluvian contest series, Tidal Lines, is accepting flash fiction pieces related to the topic of environmental contamination. Maximum length of 150 words. Deadline December 1. Questions? Email

ALLUVIAN is now taking submissions for the theme of our WINTER 2018/2019 issue: Human Triage: The Grey Zone

As climate change intensifies, we will be forced to make decisions about who gets the resources--the men, women, and children in coal country ridden with cancer from the chemicals in their water and air? The farmers whose harvests vanish in drought? The villagers who lose their homes to storms? Our very human reaction to living in the grey zone of triage-- who lives and who dies — is the theme for our Spring 2019 issue. We take science writing, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction; art, photography, and cartoons; audio drama and short video clips.  Deadline December 1. 

Submission guidelines—

Simultaneous submissions accepted, but please inform us if accepted elsewhere. 

Prose: 350-1200 words
.  Poetry: 3 or fewer poems. Typeface: 12 pt, Times New Roman
  We accept docx, doc.

Art: jpg., tif., png; Audio files: mp3; Video clips: mp4

We accept literary science journalism, creative environmental nonfiction/poetry (max 3 poems )/short fiction, art and cartoons, and feature pieces related to the ENVIRONMENT.  (We also run a separate call for submissions for our biannual onliine clusters.) 

Requirements effective 4/15/17

Word count 350-1000

Typeface: 12 pt, Times New Roman

Text files:  .docx or .doc 

Art files: .jpg, .gif

Sound files? submit your artist statement, and copy a share-file link at the end of the statement. 

We are also considering short video clips. Query for information.